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March 8, 2013 10 Comments Band News
The Go-Go’s have parted ways with bassist Kathy Valentine, citing irreconcilable differences. The rest of the lineup, original since 1979 (Belinda Carlisle, Charlotte Caffey, Gina Schock and Jane Wiedlin) remains intact. The band looks forward to another fun and exciting tour this summer.

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  1. Darwin Bryan

    I will miss Kathy but am looking forward to seeing the gals when they play Arizona.

  2. Ed

    So sad to see Kathy gone. Saw the rest of you at Hollywood bowl without Kathy and you still rocked. Can’t wait to see you again in Costa Mesa. I’ve seen you in Boston, Phoenix, LA, and Vegas. Multiple times in most locations. I do have to say you always put on an awesome show; however, the best venue I’ve seen you at was Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas up on the stage above the water. That place seemed like a natural fit for you.

  3. Paul Patrick

    I just found out that Kathy Valentine is no longer in the Go-Go’s. This news comes as a surprise to me; I’m sad. The first time I saw the Go-Go’s was in Edmonton in 1982 and I saw them last in Boston in 2011. In Boston ‘ I was fortunate to have a VIP ticket and got to meet the band and get my photo taken with them. I love the Go-Go’s! For now’I”ll just pretend that Kathy is on Vacation and that she had to get away. Can’t stop the world.

  4. Katherine

    I was absolutely THRILLED to know that you guys were going to be in concert here, in Phoenix, AZ this year. I rushed to get tickets, as I have loved you guys since the I was a pre-teen, but never got to see you in person. I even followed in your footsteps, and was in an all girl punk/new wave band, Worthless Dizzies, back in the late 80s, early 90s. :) But I just found out that I won’t be seeing the original lineup, as you guys have “parted ways” with Kathy, and I’m heart broken… :( I’m sure you’re still gonna ROCK the house down anyway, but it’s a real bummer for me. Are you SURE you can’t reconcile your differences before July 12th???? :D

    Either way, lookin’ SO forward to the gig!!! THANKS for still rockin’!! <3

  5. Jeff Adam

    My wife, Lee Ann, and myself have the good fortune to take Belinda out on the town when The Go-Go’s played Edmonton, Alberta back in 1982. If i can remember we brought her to The Krieg Nightclub and The Strawberry Cafe. We all had a great time until people started to recognize her. Going to see The Go-Go’s, June 25, 2013 at Chene Park in Detroit. VIP was a bit too pricey so I doubt that we will get another encounter with Belinda.

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