Go-Go’s to postpone two shows

Belinda Carlisle was advised by doctors to go on immediate full vocal rest for three days. Unfortunately, the Go-Go’s will have to postpone the following two appearances:

June 4 at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ
June 5 at the Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, CT

The Go-Go’s are deeply disappointed to have to postpone two shows and are making every effort to reschedule the two shows. “We are grateful for our fans and their continued support and understanding,” said the band. Information regarding refunds or exchanges will be forthcoming from the venue or place of purchase.

The Go-Go’s will resume their tour on Tuesday at the Theater at Westbury in Westbury, NY.

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  1. Michelle

    Feel better, Belinda !!!!!

  2. Michael Lieberman

    Both my wife and I took off from work tonight to see your show. So now that’s 2 years in a row I was supposed to see the Go-Go’s, and two times I was let down. But this time it cost my family $400 (from not working). Very disappointed – very pissed off.
    That said, get better soon Belinda. Jane! Your the best..

  3. Giuseppe

    Hope you feel better Belinda. Please reschedule your Connecticut show been waiting Thirty years to see the GO GO’S. Last I bought GO GO’S tickets were in the eighties and that show was cancelled too. SO PLEASE RESHCEDULE THE SHOW!!!!!!

  4. Genevieve

    Very disappointed too. Both my husbanc and myself took off of work so we lost money there plus we got a hotel room b/c the venue was so far and we’re out another $300.00 for the hotel room. Would love to see them but will not spend the money again and make the trip again. Maybe if they played closer I would reconsider.

  5. Beinda

    Get Better soon…kindred spirit and reschedule the CT shows!

  6. Mark

    Sorry about Belinda. Also, sorry I had to pay for a hotel room but never got to see the Go-Go’s. Sending out a notification 3 hours before the show doesn’t really help.

  7. steve

    ya nice of the band and the HOB to say anything i got do there and nothing a sign saying they arnt playing belinda sounded not bad the night before so you figure that out waste of time

  8. Mary

    Please reschedule! Beauty and the Beat was the first album I listened to over and over as a kid. Would love to see you guys in AC!

  9. Mike A

    Five of us booked hotel rooms ($300 per night per room) in AC for this show. One of us receives an e-mail two hours before doors open (we were already in AC) that the show is cancelled. Last year was the Irving Plaza thing when Jane fell off of a cliff. It is very hard (and expensive) being a Go Go’s fan.
    We are all getting too old for this. Next time we will just stay home.

  10. Celeste Tonra

    Feel Better Belinda—hope you can reschedule Atlantic City–would have loved to see you!!

  11. Sam

    Dear Belinda:

    Hope you are feeling better. I am sorry for the above people who lost money or hotel room. Is there a way the hotel can reschedule or give you credit?

    I look forward to you rescheduling! Will definitely see you in Boston. Will try to make the Westbury show. Saw you in Northampton. Great show!


  12. Thomas

    Drove down from Vermont for the CT show…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reschedule!!!

  13. Cristina

    This is the second year that I had tickets and it was cancelled. Very disappointing. I won’t be booking again!

  14. Kenny

    Also in the same boat , Book a hotel room got to the HOB when i got to the second floor I notice there was nobody there I said “THIS CAN’T BE GOOD” second time for Atlantic City to be cancelled

  15. Liz

    I too drove over 4 hours to AC to attend this show. I booked 2 hotel rooms as I was attending with 5 other people. Glad to know that Ticketmaster is going to refund my $300 for the tickets, but how about the $600 for the rooms, not to mention GAS MONEY!! I was lucky on the slots that night, but extremely upset over how this was all handled. What a shame, I was really looking forward to seeing them, now I’m not so sure…

  16. neicy

    i had tickets for the show two yes disapointed as well spent the same money for the rooms too but rememeber belinda is human too she get sick like everyone else stuff like this happen if you are a true gogos fan you just have to bite the bullet i was first upset about it but being a true gogos fan i was just worried about her health . if you are worried about the money then you should went in the first place i will still go every year and if they cancel they cancel if you are sick your sick get well babe love ya

  17. Richard

    Yes, the 2nd year in a row I’m missing the show due to cancellation & quite disappointed. I live in A.C., please reschedule!! I’ve seen everyone starting with Elvis to the Who, Stones, Zeppelin & no one has ever cancelled twice, please reschedule. there was pressure at the House of Blues to get a refund that evening but I don’t want the $, I want to see the show!

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